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NOVA Greece is a Greek digital satellite pay TV platform owned by Multichoice Hellas. It was launched in December 1999.

NOVA offers Greek subscribers an array of international and domestic programmes (including news, sports, movies, music, children's programmes and general entertainment channels) plus the majority of popular Greek terrestrial TV channels along with a number of Greek terrestrial radio stations. International programmes are offered in their original soundtrack, with Greek subtitles. Some interactive services like games, cinema & theatre listings, lottery numbers, news headlines and weather reports are also provided.

On April 14, 2008, Greek telecommunications company Forthnet acquired Netmed, parent firm of NOVA Greece.

In 2010, Nova Greece had 363,679 subscribers.

In March 2012, Nova Greece had 391,252 subscribers. HD service counted 52,968 subscribers in 2011, an 86,8% rise from 28,356 subscribers in 2010.